The World's Best Bad Golf Tournament: A Documentary About Bad Golf
“This documentary on Bad Golf would give Leonard Pinth-Garnell a myoclonic seizure. I loved every bit of the nonsense!” -- Gary McCord

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On the outskirts of Chicago there's a man who wants so desperately to compete in a high stakes golf event that he's created and bankrolled his own tournament. His name is Albert J. Doermaet, and he's the founder and owner of a $400 million dollar midwestern waste management business. He's also the founder of Al's Average Man Invitational, an annual golf tournament staged at Royal Melbourne Country Club in Long Grove, IL. The only rule for Al's tournament is that anyone who competes must be worse at golf than he is. That means Al's Average Man Invitational is the only golf tournament in the United States created explicitly for bad golfers and it's certainly the only bad golf tournament in the world where the winner takes home a cash prize of $250,000.

In 2006 West Town Productions, a Chicago-based independent production company, teamed up with GO TV, an experienced producer of golf films, to tell this incredible story of the lengths one not particularly bright man will go to fulfill his dream.


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